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We follow the tradition of cultivating agricultural crops. The company farms 5700 ha of fertile land. The field area is situated to the Southeast of the town Trnava – on the crossroads of two highways D 51 and D 61.
The basis of our offer are market crops - cereals, oilseeds and root crops that grow on the total area of 4,000 hectares.

The main crops are soft and hard wheat, spring barley, maize for corn, silage, sugarbeet and lucerne. The other land is used for production of fodder plants and litter for beef-cattle.

There are many types of soils – mould, brown soil. The annual average temperature is 9 - 10°C; annual precipitation 450 – 600 mm. The whole acreage of arable land is used for production of quality bulk feeds and beddings for our own needs – beef cattle as well as production of market crops.


We ensure production and supply of agrocommodities in required quality and quantity. We utulise efficient machines and store capacity. There is also the possibility for further processing and production of packages (50 kg).


Cultivation of crops is in the control of our agronomy service and other inspections of state administration. Field production is managed by the system management quality STN ISO 22 000. We garantee 100% traceability of certificated production.

The soil is perceived and protected as our basic producing means. We are following the classical sowing procedure. We cultivate with the most modern and saving techniques / John Deere, Case, Lemken, Claas, Horsch, Kverneland, Väderstadt / and in practis are using the knowledge of science and research. The knowledge of science and research is put into practice. The soil is protected against wind erosion by planting forests. We also cooperate with local organizations to protect fauna and flora.


Barley /Hordeum sativum/

Barley in r.2013 we dont plant (in small amounts in the spring mixes).

Wheat /Triticum aesativum/

Winter wheat / Triticum aestivum /: Annual production is from 5000 to 7000 tons mainly in food and feed quality. Harvest period is June-July We have sufficient processing, post-harvest and storage facilities.

Winter rape /Brassica napus L./

Winter rape /Brassica napus L./: Annual production is from 1000 to 1500 tons, harvest period is July. We have sufficient processing, post-harvest and storage facilities.

Maize /Zea mays/

Maize / Zea mays / Annual market production is 5000 to 7000 tons for corn in technical and feed quality and 30.000 - 40.000 tons to silage. Deadline is August-October. We have sufficient processing, post-harvest and storage facilities.

Lucern - alfaalfa /Medicago sativa/

Lucern - alfaalfa /Medicago sativa/: Annual production is from 3000 to 6000 tons, harvest period is May-September. We have sufficient processing and storage facilities.

Sugar beet /Variela sacharata/

Sugar beet /Beta vulgaris/ total annual production capacity from 25,000 to 30,000 tons of the sugar beet in the desired quality.

Wheat and barley straw

Wheat and barley straw (for personal use) - annual market output is 2000 tons in 500 kg bales stored in the halls and open areas.


Chemstar - sunflower, Swedish turnip, wheat
Provit a.s. Bratislava - wheat, maize
Feliz a.s. Nové Zámky - barley
Lycos - barley
3J-3D int., s.r.o. - maize
Agropodnik a.s. Trnava - rape, maize
Slovenské cukrovary Sereď - sugar beet
SF Soepenberg - maize

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